A stacked washer and dryer unit can be an advantageous purchase for a household with limited space. They are ideal for apartment dwellers and homeowners that have small than average laundry areas. Over the past several years, many companies like Whirlpool and GE, have improved the efficiency of their stacked units, making these appliances a preferred choice among a number of consumers.

Energy Efficient

When considering a washer and dryer purchase, consumers must always take into account the cost of operating the appliances. Because stackable units are smaller than your average washer and dryer unit less water is used. If you do not have a large household, purchasing large appliances to complete your laundry doesn’t make sense for your budget or your laundry needs. These days nearly all of the top selling stacked washer/dryer units are Energy Star rated. This rating not only saves you money on your utility bills, but on your taxes, too. Energy Star rated purchases may qualify for tax deductions.

Space Saver

This is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a stacked washer and dryer unit. In small houses and apartments finding ways to maximize your space is the solution to making small space seem much bigger than it actually is. The laundry room is one of those spaces in your home that gets used frequently and can get quite crowded if it isn’t planned out in a way that uses every bit of space proficiently.

Small laundry rooms need to take advantage of vertical space. This is that empty, dead space that many homeowners don’t know what to do with. Purchasing a stacked washer and dryer unit will help you take use the vertical space to its fullest potential.

Trend Setters

If you have avoided considering a stacked washer and dryer unit because you are under the impression that these units haven’t evolved since the 1980s, you may want to take another look. Consumers have fallen in love with front loading washer and dryer units over the past several years. Stackable units are available in this style, too.

Automatic Shut-Offs

A unique feature of these units is that many come with automatic shut-off settings. Have you ever let the dryer run longer than you needed to when drying your clothes? What happened? Did your clothes shrink or fade? With stackable units, many of the dryers are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that turns the dryer off when it senses that all the clothes have been dried – a smart dryer for busy families.

Purchasing Stackable Units

When you make the decision to buy a stackable unit, keep in mind the costs to make repairs. Units that are fused together can be quite costly to repair. If the washing machine component of your unit needs to be replaced, you will need to replace the dryer, too. However, there are a number of units on the market that can be separated for repair purposes. When choosing which stackable unit to buy, you will want to keep this in mind and gravitate to these types of units.

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